What if 'Making Money' & 'Breaking Through in your Career' went hand-in-hand?

What would it take for YOU to build a reliable money stream (a business), using the same talents and assets that make you a viable artist?


THE AFFLUENT ARTIST is a program for Artists who recognize that in order to have the careers they desire, they must relax into an effective way of making money that is independent of the ebb and flow of their entertainment industry careers.  A business they own that compliments their efforts, rather than distracts from the essential tasks of building a sustainable career with work that they can be truly proud of.
Working with us, artists will not only stabilize (and maximize) their finances, they’ll also learn to translate their career goals into an actionable plan and develop material specifically designed to excite key industry players that can help them build the career they want and deserve.  
We provide the structure, support and fire for artists to accomplish things they had no idea they were capable of.

In this completely unique, breakthrough program you will learn:

In order to help you stabalize reliable income AND breakthrough as an artist in the entertainment industry, we have assembled a feature-packed program to get the job done!

THE AFFLUENT ARTIST PROGRAM  is built around the philosophy that private COACHING, in addition to TRAINING in a group setting, matched with real-time industry/client OUTREACH is the way to take your career and your business to the next level:

Program Features:


19 Page Career and Business Assessment


*(2) INTAKE SESSIONS – 1-hour private intake session with each of the Coaches – Craft a blueprint for your Business and Artistic Career.
*(12-24) Private Business/Career Breakthrough Sessions with Melissa/or Randy
*(2-4) Private Script Development Sessions with Randy/Industry Professionals


*(2-4) Live In-Person 1-Day Training Retreats with Melissa and/or Randy
*Immediate start in the Booming Business Breakthrough Fast Track Process - delivered over the first 6 weeks of the program to kick-start your program experience and get you working on your business right away
*(1-2) Live In-Person 3-Day Training Event – Play BIG! 2015 with Melissa
*(6-12) Group Strategy/Q&A Calls with Melissa
*(6-12) Group Business Training Calls with Melissa
*(6-12) Group Entertainment Workshop/Q&A Calls with Randy Becker
*(6-12) Access to NexTV Entertainment’s Insider’s Audio Interview Series w/live Q&A
*(3-6) Group Workshopping Calls – guided feedback about your work.


*Monthly Business Networking/Training Events *Entertainment Industry Marketing Workshop – begin building the relationships that matter most to you.


*Exclusive AFFLUENT ARTIST Forum to Connect with Program Partners
*MP3s of all Group Calls
*VIP Entry, Seating and Networking at all LIVE Events
*VIP Pricing on all of Melissa’s or Randy’s Events and Products in 2014/2015

The program takes place over a 6-12 month period (depending on level of commitment) - 6-12 glorious months to relax, learn, build, connect and profit.

If You Are:

*A self-funding artist (with a practice, business, freelance biz, or service) with an artistic career that you are building
*Have been in the game a long time
*Committed to staying in the game
*Super-devoted to your career but on the verge of quitting
*Taken on family concerns
*Gambling with your family’s security to play the artist game
*Financial burdens forcing you to quit
*On the brink on success - need to buy time and earn money
*Exasperated - barely surviving but unwilling to quit
*Struggling to make money and stay in game as an artist
*Don't have access to the industry or knowledge about how to access the industry
*Not confident about your talent or product
*Mystified by the industry
*Mystified by money
*Not pursuing your career aggressively
*Not getting your work out there to be seen/bought/leveraged

If you want to:

*Fund your career and your personal life
*Learn how to connect with the right people
*Develop your own work
*Pave your own path to success
*Build a reliable money stream that supports your career and personal goals